Please make a drawing with text, an impression of a place that is special or meaningful to you, an observation in the landscape of your choice. Please give me an accurate location so that I can link you to google maps. Put a small amount of dry soil from this place into the transparant bag. Be sure you can stil see the soil through the drawing and/or text on the transparant paper. After receiving your earthmailbag I will send you a postal reaction in return. Please use the contactform. As soon as I have your address and permission to use your earthmail, I will send you a transparant bag, on which you can draw, write and/ or paint. I hope for your cooporation in building an archive with personal drawings and stories, celebrating our beautiful earth.

In order to create an archive of the earth I need many participants. I manage the project and see to it that everything is exhibited and/or can be viewed on the website. EARTHMAIL is not commercial, the works are not for sale.